Kliem & Balusek, Attorneys at Law pride themselves on understanding client needs. We will always be mindful of client time and resources. We strive to make the client feel comfortable coming to our office to discuss their legal matters with us.

Clients can feel comfortable talking to us about their legal matters and can rest assured that matters will be handled effectively and efficiently. We understand that legal matters can be stressful and we respect client feelings. We take our job seriously as your advocate and representative.

Additional Services

Mediation Services

Kliem & Balusek has a Certified Mediator to assist in the mediation process. Having knowledge of many areas of law and having past background as a human resource professional, Diana R. Kliem is a mediator to consider for assistance in resolving those highly contested areas, whether in probate cases, family law cases or other civil litigation matters.

Litigation is usually not the most efficient method of resolving disputes. In most counties through central Texas, Judges will require a mediation prior to setting a final hearing. Through mediation, YOU have control over the final outcome and typically a fair compromise can be reached. 

Oil & Gas Law

Kliem & Balusek represent clients in the highly specialized field of oil and gas law.

We believe that our background in oil & gas issues, including curative issues, and oil and gas leases gives our firm a unique perspective on matters relating to oil & gas law and leasing issues.

Employment Law

Kliem & Balusek handles many employment law matters including, but not limited to, preparation of employee handbooks, policy reviews and employee documentation issues.

Real Estate

Along with handling your other legal matters, Kliem & Balusek can handle your real estate legal needs, including gift deeds, sales, closing and curative title issues.

Many of these needs are part of the estate planning, debt collection, or oil & gas law areas since real estate usually plays a part in those areas of law.